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Dry Needling

January 5, 2017
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By: Liz Smith

Our team is certified in functional Dry Needling. We have many clients, friends and family curious about what “Dry Needling” actually is. We receive many questions such as: Does it hurt? What does it do to help? Are you going to puncture my skin like Acupuncture? What results can I expect from DN, (Dry Needling)

I will tackle the most asked question first. Yes, dry needling may hurt, potentially for a day or two. The pain is similar to the soreness one would experience after an intense work out or muscle cramping but it is worth it because of the results of how good your muscles will begin to feel. The results really are that incredible.

Here is how it works. In a session one of our staff will identify you may be a candidate for DN. Once the session starts the practitioner will be looking for trigger points or knotted up places in your muscles. They will place the needle into those spots. You really won’t feel much at all when they place the needle into your skin. The sensation you may experience is like a dull achy pain like muscle burn you feel when working out. Then the needle is moved around causing your muscle to twitch. A reaction like this is what causes your muscles to fire and work correctly. Again, it is worth it with the results achieved in such a short time and relatively painless procedure. After a few rounds it feels like you had a really intense workout like a “charlie horse” some patients claim.

In Summary, anything worth doing is difficult sometimes that is how it is with Dry Needling. The momentary slight pain is worth the way your muscles feel and the quick results and relief. Just do it because you will be glad you did and if you would like to know more about the science behind it, talk with one of our amazing staff who can answer any additional questions you may have.

Wishing You The Best!
Liz Smith


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